1.               Its origin and first mentioned

2.               The metaphors in the OT and the NT

3.               The Body of Christ (Unity)

4.               The Body of Christ (Diversity)

5.               The Body of Christ (Harmony)

6.               The witness of the Body of Christ

7.               The gifted men of the Body

8.               The gifts of the Body

9.               The permanent, edifying gifts

10.        The temporary, sign gifts

11.        The "raison d'ętre" of the Body 

12.        The members and leaders of the Body

13.        The Local church and the Spiritual church

14.        The churches in Turkey in Revelation 3 & 4

15.        What are the attributes of a good church?

16.        The ordinances of the local Church

17.        Discipline in the local Church

18.        Jesus Christ's attributes manifested in its members

19.        Does the Church fulfil Israel's program?

20.        Ephesis, Smyrna

21.        Pergamus, Thyatira, Sardis

22.        Avoid Foolish Questions

23.        Philadelphia, Laodicea

24.        Is the Church ready to be Raptured?

25.        The Church & the Candelstick

26.        Do we need revival in the Church?

27.        The Church’s Present State in the Eyes of God

28.        Aristide’s definition of the Christian Church

29.        The Church/ Israel

30.        Early Development (150 AD)

31.        In or Out?


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