1.               The mystery of the Trinity

2.               Trinity by Faith

3.               Trinity in Creation

4.               The Inter-Trinitarian promises  

5.               The attributes of God  (harmony)  

6.               The grace and love of God

7.               A personal relationship with God

8.               The Holy Spirit in the OT and in the NT

9.               The Holy Spirit promised by Jesus  

10.        The Holy Spirit at Pentecost  (Divine power)

11.        Jesus Christ - His life, death and resurrection

12.        Jesus Christ prayed His Father

13.        Jesus Christ - Prophet, Priest and King  (Melchisedek)

14.        Jesus Christ , the mediator

15.        The departing of the Holy Spirit

16.        The compassion of Jesus

17.        The "I am's" of the New Testament

18.        God in the Psalms

19.        City of Refuge

20.        The Solitariness of God

21.        Intercession

22.        The effects of Nearness to Jesus                                     

23.        Blood of Christ

24.        Why Jesus Christ Must Return

25.        The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus Christ on the Cross

26.        The miracles of Calvary (Darkness)

27.        The miracles of Calvary (Tearing of the Curtain)

28.        The miracles of Calvary (The Earthquake)

29.        The miracles 0f Calvary (The Opened Graves)

30.        The Miracles of Calvary (The Grave Clothes)

31.        The Miracles of Calvary (The Revivals to life in the Calvary Graveyard)

32.        Tri-Unity in the Old Testament

33.        Jesus, the Sabbath and His Miracles

34.        Lamb of God



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