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THE MISSION :        Send weekly E-Mails to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of God and His Word.



THE STUDIES :        There are 23 topics with several articles in each.  Articles

will be added progressively in each topic, Lord willing.



THE E-MAILS :         The E-Mails are sent out each week and contain 1 or 2


They take approximately 5 minutes to read so they are

brief but are interesting and informative as well.


Here are the topics :



*      Creation


*      The Trinity


*      The Church


*      The Bible


*      Israel


*      Christian Living


*      Evangelism


*      Prophesy


*      Eschatology


*      Doctrine


*      Christian Virtues


*      World Religions


*      Jewish Feasts and Customs




*      Archaeological Findings


*      Women of the Bible


*      Men of the Bible


*      The Teachings of Jesus Christ


*      The Names of God


*      Questions, by the way….


*      Key passages


*      The Disciples


*      The Abode of God


*      Prayer


*      Biographies


*      Miscellaneous


*      Helpful links




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